Our Vision

To be the preferd supplier of low voltage electrical switchboards, motor control centres and switchboard service to commercial and industrial businesses in all nine provinces in South Africa

Our Mission

To deliver a range of low voltage electrical switchboards services in a creative, efficient and professional manner which exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Values

Select outstanding youth, equip them with the right tools and provide leadership that fosters a total company focus on customer needs.

MEC Technology

We manufacture both custom-built and modular electrical main switchboards and sub distribution boards, PLC Panels, Motor Control Centers

Products and Services

MEC is able to offer a comprehensive range of products and services for all aspects of commerce and industry.

With special attention given to renewable energy systems, MEC can offer engineering design integration with all out products and services which will be present at all points of control and distribution of the generated power.


The following slides will indicate the range of the solutions offered.

Distribution Solutions

Main Distribution Boards:

For incoming supplies up to 6000A with fault ratings up to 70kA, applications include:

  • Industrial Manufacturing facilities, process plants, mining etc.
  • – Commercial office blocks, business parks
  • – Shopping centres, residential blocks

Sub Distribution Boards

  • Floor Standing
  • Surface wall mounting
  • flush wall mounting
  • Weatherproof


Automation Solutions

Motion Control Centres

For incoming supplies up to 6000A with fault ratings up to 70kA, applications include.

  • Process plants, mining – land and marine, pumping systems
  • Modular polycarbonate enclosure

Control Panles

  • Varable speed drives (VSD’s), soft starters
  • PLC Systems
  • Building management systems
  • Control consoles
  • Mimic panels


Power Solutions

Power Factor Control (PFC):

  • Systems custom designed for each application
  • Stand alone systems
  • System integrated with main incoming switchboards
  • Individual drive applications

Bus Bar Trunking Systems

  • Ratings up to 6000A for transformer to main incomer connections


Custom Solutions

Weatherproof Outdoor Kiosk:

  • General metering applications
  • Municipal power distribution
  • Stand alone outdoor pumping control panels
  • Outdoor marshalling cabinets

Custom Electrical Enclosures:

  • Engineered to customer’s requirements
  • Modular Polycarbonate systems enclosures for extreme dust and damp concitions

Eskom Products

Eskom Products:

  • Outdoor marshalling cabinets for switching yards
  • Outdoor AC and DC control panels for switching yards
  • Control room distribution boards for sub stations
  • 19 inch rack panels with various control modules for substations
  • On site servicing of existing switching yard panels and assemblies



Service Solutions

Distribution Board Upgrades:

  • On site upgrading of main switches and bus bar systems
  • On site fitment of additional circuit breakers
  • Replacements of faulty equipment

Motor Control Centres (MCC’s) Upgrades:

  • On site installation of additional starters including soft starters and VSD’s
  • Integration of updated control systems


  • On site assessment of condition of existing Distribution Boards and MCC’s
  • Itemised audit report
  • Assessment of compliance with SABS/SANS 10142 and SABS/SANS 1973


  • On site cleaning and repairs to Distribution Boards and MCC’s
  • On site replacement of defective components

Engineering and Design:

  • Green fields engineering and design services offered with respect to all of MEC products
  • Full integration with other engineering disciplines on projects
  • Full integration with energy management designs

Major End Users

MEC continues to be a leading role player in the industry, this is mainly due to our staff having set high standards of quality and service not usually seen in the industry


These standards have enabled MEC to gain approved vendor status with many prominent organisation such as:

  • Arcelor Mittal
  • De Beers (land based and marine mining)
  • Engen (Sub-Sahara Africa)
  • Eskom (distribution, generation and transmission)
  • Medi Clinic Corporation
  • Telkom / TMFC